The First Programmatic DSP Engineered for Growth.

The technology to reach the users your business needs, and the reporting to provide you the transparency that you need.

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Engineered for Growth

Technology designed to deliver outcomes to mobile-first marketers.
A platform to provide transparency on ad operations.
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    The best publishers and exchanges

    Reach users browsing, playing and watching content on the best publishers around the world through our exchange and publishing partners.

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    Machine learning algorithms

    Computer powered analysis and optimization of your campaigns. Smadex finds signals that identify the most valuable audiences for your business and bids to show ads for the right price.

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    Anti-fraud and brand safe

    We take very seriously the type of traffic that goes through Smadex's pipes. Our publishing partners work with us to keep our traffic safe, while we control each impression with our validation partners. We've been recognized as the #1 DSP for fraudless traffic.

100% Transparent.
Say no to black boxes.

Get complete access to campaign performance and forecasting reporting. Learn what's working and what not, so you can work on strategic plans instead of analyzing spreadsheets .

Mix and match reporting dimensions and compare head-to-head multiple variables to get insights you won't get in any other platform.
Find advertising opportunities by forecasting traffic on different exchanges and publishers.
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Our teams take full control of your campaigns, working together with you to develop strategies to maximize results, while you have total access to the daily reports of the campaign.
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Make Smadex your prefered mobile-first DSP, and manage hundreds of campaigns for your app or multiple clients.
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Take control of your campaigns, while your Client Success Manager assists you to make the most of your campaigns.

The best programmatic stack, to reach your goals.

Top quality publishers and State-of-the-art technology partners to run the best performing mobile campaigns.

Deliver your message using all mobile advertising formats

Reach and flexibility

Gain access to hundreds of media publishers and create A/B tests to find the right message for your audience.

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“Always be testing.”
Be part of the content

Embed your message inside the user experience of top media publishers.

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“Copywriting is key.”
Deliver emotions

Video ads get better message retention and higher upper funnel results.

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“Storytelling can be a game-changer.”
Total attention

Full share of screen is an opportunity to get total attention to deliver your message.

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“Test different concepts for maximum outcomes.”
Play before installing

Create playable ads to show users the value of your app with frictionless app experiences.

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“The latest trend can be the best one.”